Project Description

Evergreen Primary School

Feed a Child has been involved in the delivery and feeding of Nutrimeal to this school since 2014.  All 120 Learners are given Nutrimeal every morning.  The school is situated in the Nkangale district – next to an informal settlement.   

This is probably one of the oldest schools in Middelburg district as it has been in existence for 84 years.  The buildings are thus very old and dilapidated and need a lot of maintenance. 

The school is further a Quintile 1 school meaning that it is a no-fee school and learners depend greatly on the feeding scheme. 

Feed a Child has been instrumental in establishing a vegetable garden but because of the poverty “next door” the garden is often destroyed by members of the community. 

Glencore (Izimbiwa Coal) is greatly responsible for sponsorships at this school. 

Because this is such an impoverished area with unemployment as high as 80%, Feed a Child is often involved in handing out Christmas gifts, additional food such as sandwiches and often goes out with companies i.e. Blue Ribbon and the Municipality.  These events are depicted in the photographs. 


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