Project Description


Since 2016 Feed a Child Free State and Lesotho are involved with young boys and man helping them to find a sustainable income to support themselves and their families. Feed a Child started a fishing project where we ask for fishing equipment donations from fishing clubs in and around Free State. Once we receive these fishing items we identify 20 young men from our local township, these are young man who could not complete their studies and could not find any jobs around. 

There are lots of crime in Wepener as a result of poverty and unemployment; most people steal because of hunger not because they are criminals. This project keeps young people away from crime and helps them to learn a fishing skill and also help them to have a new hobby. Through the fishing project they learn a skill that helps them making some money and also provide food on their table. 

Some of the fishes they sell and get an income, others they use to provide for their families this means that the fishing project is a sustainable and successful project. 

After 2 years of running this project we saw more than 60 young man finding employment learning skills and providing for their families just through this one project. 


  • Fishing items and equipment 
  • Pickup truck transporting them to the dam and back 
  • Financial donation 


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