Project Description

Garden and Tunnel

Since 2012 Feed a Child Free State saw the need for healthy and fresh food in Wepener town and township. Between Absa and the Lottery Fund 9 vegetable tunnels was donated and erected on a piece of land in town. The local community got involved in this project and in a small amount of time 9 tunnels were up and we started to plant seeds all over. Months later we had so much vegetables that we could help and give to many needy people in the community. 

We acknowledge that feeding alone will not suffice, so we have also embarked on longer term solutions by training the communities to start their very own vegetable gardens.  

This project opened many doors where we could help these orphans and vulnerable children to learn agricultural skills with the tunnels project. This project also helps to promote unity between the volunteers of Feed a Child and the local community. Some people in the community came to volunteer their time and energy to clean the tunnels and maintain the crops and in return we gave them some vegetables.  

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances the tunnel project was broken up and everything was stolen while Johan was out of town in 2017.  A very big loss to Feed a Child and all the community members involved. 


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