Project Description

Winter Blanket

Since 2014 Free State and Lesotho are involved in the prevention and treatment of those that are infected and affected by HIV&AIDS  Lesotho is the country with the second highest HIV infection in the world, therefor that contribute that most children are orphans as parents have died of AIDS. Feed a Child Free State and Lesotho are fighting hand in hand with government institutions to bring relief to those who are affected and infected. 

More than 600 children and 40 adults benefit from this project. 

Children that are infected with HIV usually struggle with appetites and throat ulcers and from time to time they have skin alleges. All these symptoms contribute to a weak immune system and shortage of blood. It is here where Feed a Child makes a difference by providing HIV&AIDS food parcels, those items in the food parcels helps with the symptoms of HIV&AIDS leading to a better and much healthier life for the victims of this tragic decease. 

These food parcels are some of the best and cannot be provided by the government institutions such as local clinics. 


  • Feed a Child Nutrimeal porridge @ R2.50 per meal