Project Description

Community Medication

Since 2012 Feed a Child Free State reached out to those whose health are affected by sickness and disease. This includes adults and children in our communities and villages, most people whose health are very poor are as a result of not being able to afford to see a medical practitioner. 

More than 600 children and 200 adults benefit from this project. 

Most of the time when they go to local clinics, they do not receive the help they needed because of a lack of medication. Our aim with this project is to help those people with medication free of charge. Feed a Child provides them with private medication such as ear drops, nose spray, eye drops, natural medication, skin cream for allergies; these products truly make a huge impact in the health of these people. Feed a Child also provide these medications to people living in villages in Lesotho where there are no clinics or government health institutions.  

We further aim to promote wellness programmes amongst community members HIV&AIDS services and support